Right-On FiberFlex Installation Process

Proper installation of Right-On FiberFlex Polyurea Flooring is critical to its long lasting durability and resistance to impact, chemicals, heat, sunlight and microbial invasion.  When installed properly, the fast, 24 hour cure time of Right-On FiberFlex allows it to be available for traffic quickly as opposed to 5-10 days for Epoxy Flooring.

Step One: Prepare Floor

Preparation is key.  A clean, flat surface is necessary for proper flooring adhesion.  Eliminate dips, grooves, or other abnormalities through scraping and by applying a self leveling product.

Step 2: Lay-out Flooring

Measure twice, cut once.  Roll out Right-On FiberFlex flooring and cut to size needed.

Step 3:  Mix Adhesive

Right-On FiberFlex uses either a one-part or two-part adhesive as needed based on application.

Step 4: Apply Adhesive

Pull back or remove pre-cut Right-On FiberFlex flooring and spread adhesive to the pre-prepped floor using professional flooring tools covering the area where flooring is to be applied.  Note:  Only spread enough adhesive to cover an area that is manageable to apply flooring before adhesive sets up.  See manufacturers recommendations for details.

Step 5: Install Flooring

Once adhesive has properly set, lay the Right-On FiberFlex Flooring in the installation area making sure flooring doesn’t fold and seams fit snug but don’t overlap.

Step 6: Roll Floor

Once Right-On FiberFlex flooring is installed, roll floor with a properly weighted floor roller to remove air pockets and even-out adhesive.

Step 7: Chemically Weld Seams

Weld seams with seam welding material specifically provided by manufacturer.

Step 8: Cure Time

Your customers will get back to work quicker with fast cure times which will save them time and money.  A properly installed Right-On FiberFlex flooring area is ready foot traffic within 4 hours and full service traffic in just 24 hours.