Become A Right-On FiberFlex Preferred Distributor


Why Become A Preferred Distributor?

You will own the market of the world’s only polyurea product engineered and manufactured in rolls.  This unique quality gives Right-On FiberFlex superior durability and a faster cure time over roll-on polyurea options and is a far better value than any epoxy products on the market.  Because of this exceptional quality, Right-On FiberFlex can be installed quickly, with less mess, and ready for full service traffic within 24 hours.

Where is Right-On FiberFlex Manufactured?

Right-On FiberFlex is manufactured in Dalton, GA, the Flooring Capital Of The World, by Worldproof Products and is exclusively distributed by Arrowhead Roofing and Flooring LLC.

Preferred Distributor Benefits

Discounted Pricing:

Preferred Distributors will receive discounted pricing on all Right-On FiberFlex products which will provide higher profits and make you more competitive in your territory.  Plus, as you grow, your profit margins will increase as additional discounts are obtained based on volume of sales.

Protected Territory:

When you become a Preferred Distributor, you will have the opportunity to command a protected sales territory giving you the command over a discounted pricing structure providing a greater advantage over your competitors.

Marketing Materials:

As a Preferred Distributor, you will also have access to Right-On FiberFlex Sales & Marketing materials including Brochures, Data Sheets, Videos, Logos, Imagery, and more, which will help your team easily sell the benefits of Right-On Fiber Flex.


Proper installation is the key to the substantial durability Right-On FiberFlex offers; as a Preferred Distributor, your team will receive direct product training and customer support.

Meeting Your Customer’s Needs:

As a Preferred Distributor you will have the ability to stock an abundance of Right-On FiberFlex inventory allowing you to meet your customer’s needs quicker than your competitors.

Next Steps

Contact an Arrowhead representative today to discuss the specific advantages for your territory.